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Worgan Completes Walk For Blood Donation Awareness

by | Jun 24, 2024 | Community | 0 comments

A former Inverell resident who took on the challenge of walking 600 km to raise awareness about Blood donations has completed his trek over the weekend.

Scott Worgan left Inverell earlier this month in his Bush to Beach Walk and reached his hometown of Terrigal on the NSW central Coast on Saturday.

Mr Worgan says he did the Bush to Beach Walk for S.J after his 10 year old daughter Sienna was diagnosed with Leukaemia last August and has had to endure numerous blood transfusions as part of her treatment.

During his time on the road, Mr Worgan endured wet weather, endless blisters and dodging traffic but says that was nothing compared to what his daughter and other around the country face when facing uncomfortable treatment.

He finished the walk, carrying Sienna across the line and hopes this may be a catalyst for an increased surge in blood donation.


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