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Sapphire Wind Farm Grants – Thank You For Your Support Of STA FM 91.9

by | Jun 21, 2024 | Featured, Community | 0 comments

Twice a year, Squadron Energy’s Sapphire Wind Farm invites local community organisations to submit applications for a share of funding that can be used on equipment and infrastructure purchases, repairs and renovations, programs and events.

Sta Fm, with the wonderful help of Fiona Adams & Christy Galbraith from Ladybug Projects who facilitated the grant application, were amongst the successful 2024 applicants that received funding.  The funding received will be used to connect Sta Fm to the NBN Aussie Broadband and the purchase, installation and set up of a visual display screen for our front window. These modifications to Sta Fm will enhance our technical abilities with broadcasting and breakdown issues as well as displaying station promotions that will support our listeners and sponsors. Sta Fm look forward to being able to facilitate the opportunity of building a stronger connection to our local community.

The Management Committee, staff and all volunteer presenters send their sincere thanks to Squadron Energy Sapphire Wind Farm for choosing Sta Fm as one of the many local recipients of this year’s funding as well as Ladybug Projects for their assistance in facilitating our grant application.


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