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Safety in Rural and Regional Communities Inquiry

by | Jul 3, 2024 | Crime | 0 comments

Revelations of harrowing stories of rural crime have been detailed with a committee inquiring into safety in rural and regional communities.

Stories of intruders attacking elderly people in their homes and lack of police resources have been told, as frustration and anger grows within rural communities.

Inverell Shire Council’s submission stated a recent report prepared by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research indicated the New England Northwest Region had a property crime rate 1.9 times above the state average and a violent crime rate 1.8 times the state average for 2023.

In an item in the Northern daily Leader, the submission also told of the lack of police at the lnverell station had also impacted on other smaller stations in the Shire with Yetman, Ashford, Delungra and Tingha stations left without a police presence as officers assigned to those stations are seconded to lnverell for duties.

It continued to state much of the communication from the NSW Police is from their centralised media unit with little if any comment coming from local officers.

The inquiry is due to report back to parliament in February 2025.


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