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Retail Trading In NSW To Be Banned On Anzac day

by | Jul 10, 2024 | Politics, Media Release | 0 comments

The NSW Government will extend retail trading restrictions to cover all of ANZAC Day to ensure the service of veterans is recognised and people are able to take part in services throughout the day.

Currently, retail traders such as supermarkets and fashion retailers are required to stay closed until 1pm under the Retail Trading Act. The change will see them remain closed until midnight.

The restrictions do not apply to small businesses and business not considered retailers or with exemptions such as markets, cafes, chemists, newsagencies and takeaway restaurants.

These businesses will continue to remain open the entire day.

A review into ANZAC Day trading restrictions commenced last year and a public consultation period ran from September to October.

A majority of submissions supported full-day restrictions including support from veterans, veterans’ organisations and members of the public.

Given the significance of the day, most Australian states impose Anzac Day trading restrictions.

Restricted trading provides workers and businesses the opportunity to participate in commemorative and community events and pay their own respects.

Premier of NSW Chris Minns said:

“For Australians, no occasion could be more solemn or significant than ANZAC Day.

“As of next year, New South Wales will extend our retail trading restrictions across Anzac Day, to make sure our veterans are recognised and free to take part in services throughout the day. 

“It might be inconvenient for a few hours, but closing our biggest corporate shops for a single day is a small price to pay for living in a free and open democracy.” 

Acting Minister for Industrial Relations, Tara Moriarty said:

“ANZAC Day continues to unite all Australians and with a new generation of veterans it is as important as ever.

“If we restrict retail trading out of respect for dawn services, why do we allow retail trading when afternoon and sunset services occur? We can’t be half-hearted about ANZAC Day.”

Minister for Veterans, David Harris said:

“ANZAC Day is a national day of commemoration for the community to come together and acknowledge the sacrifice of Australian servicemen and women in defence of our nation and our way of life.

“Extending trading restrictions on ANZAC Day ensures that the sanctity of remembrance is given the status it deserves.”

RSL NSW President, Mick Bainbridge said:

“Too often, the pastoral needs of veterans, and the friends and families who support them, are overlooked. This is an opportunity for them to take time away from work on this special day to commemorate their service.

“I welcome the support of the Premier and his Government, and the SDA Union to ensure that ANZAC Day, the seminal veterans’ day, is observed.”

Media Release : NSW Government


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