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Public Space Projects Opened In Uralla

by | Jun 25, 2024 | Arts & Culture | 0 comments

Three newly completed public space projects were officially opened on Friday, which is hoped to bring more tourists to the boutique town.

The Constellations of the South, Rotary Park, and Fibonacci Installation at Pioneer’s Park were officially opened following a $2 million state government grant through the Public Spaces Legacy Program.

In an item in the Norther Daily Leader, Uralla Shire Mayor Robert Bell says it was a wonderful day, adding to get this projects finished took a lot of hard work and some soul-searching and some very dedicated people.

The three-completed projects will contribute to the tourist economy, with Rotary Park being an inviting place to pull over, the Glen to attract people to look at its artwork while the Fibonacci Installation at Pioneer’s Park will become a ‘town centre’ and help attract tourists to the main street.


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