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Pammy Austin

I am a country radio presenter highlighting Australian, American and Ireland country music. Each week I prepare my show by researching the artist I am interviewing and their music.


How did you start your journey in radio and why you became a presenter at STA FM?

I started in radio well over 10 years ago and really can’t believe it’s been that long. I always wanted to be involved in radio and I took the opportunity when I was asked. I really love promoting my program on our Facebook page of upcoming interviews and inviting listeners to participate by requesting a song or ringing the studio.

What do you enjoy most about being a presenter?

I always look forward coming to the station and catching up with the presenter finishing their shift. The station is modern and fresh, studio equipment so advanced and fantastic to work in.

Do you have a memorable moment or experience from your time on air?

A few years ago, at a STA FM Christmas party, I was dressed as Dolly Parton with an old guitar missing a few strings. I stood at one of the tables and sang “Apple jack”. Well, the expression on their faces was priceless!

What's your favourite type of music or genre?

I have many favorite country songs and to identify just one would be impossible. Over many years I have formed great relationships with artists /groups, I have interviewed. Its like catching up with a family member I haven’t seen for a while.

Share a meaningful quote that represents your philosophy or approach to radio and community engagement

I found this quote by Casey Kasem DJ in America who presented the American Top 40. I use to listen to his program many years ago. This quote really touched me as I always try make my program inviting and fresh to my listeners. "Anytime in radio that you can reach somebody on an emotional level, you're really connecting." -Casey Kasem

Write a brief message to your listeners, expressing your appreciation and inviting them to tune in

If I was to write a message to my listeners this would be my message, Thank you for tuning into my program each week and giving me a call to hear your favourite song and a chat. Without you I would not have a program. We have a wonderful community in Inverell and surrounding towns that support our station and my program. Looking forward to my program on Saturday, knowing I have great support!

Have you collaborated with other presenters or brought special guests onto your show?

Most of my interviews are by phone but there have been occasions when an artist has dropped into the studio with their fiddle or guitar. I have so much fun in the studio that will always be a great memory for my listeners and I

Share a memorable moment or guest appearance that made an impact

A few years ago, there was a rodeo in town (Inverell), and I was asked by the organiser if I could do an interview promoting the event. The day of the interview I was expecting one person to arrive to chat about bull riding. Well four cowboys turned up, immaculately dressed in cowboy attire, Stetson hat and good looking, I was lost for words! It was a great interview as one rider talked about the danger in bull riding and injuries he had sustained. I will never forget that day.

Outside of radio, what are your interests or hobbies?

Outside of radio and when I have days off from work, I love gardening. I have 2 geese called Frank and Gertrude and a beautiful Great Dane called Maggie. I really enjoy quiet time and quality time with my partner Ed. Face time is a weekly chat with my daughter Krystal and grandson Couper.

Are there any specific topics or activities you are passionate about?

Dressing up as Dolly Parton and trying to sing, I think my listeners would have a good laugh, especially if they saw the photo.