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John Shaw

I am the Sales and Marketing Representative for 91.9 STA FM I host the Saturday Cool Country Breakfast Show and the Thursday and Friday Morning Magazine programs and also filling in with the Sunday Breakfast program. My interests include; travelling, horse racing, rugby league - Newcastle Knights member, music, reading, politics and STA FM.


How did you start your journey in radio and why you became a presenter at STA FM?

1984 - 2VM Moree - I commenced my journey in radio at 2VM Moree whilst working as a stock agent auctioneer with Dalgety’s. I began by initially presenting the cricket report and then hosting the Saturday morning sports program. I progressed from there to calling the local rugby union and rugby league matches on a Saturday and Sunday for a number of years. 1994 - 2NZ Inverell - When I relocated to Inverell in August 1993 I was approached to host the Saturday morning sportsline program on 2NZ - I did that from early 1994 until September 2015 2007 - I took up a full time position as Journalist- News Reader at 2NZ Inverell, a position I held until made redundant in September 2015. 2015 - 2WEB Bourke, after finishing up at 2NZ I was offered a job at 2WEB - a role that included hosting a range of programs and compiling and reading the news when the regular journalist was away, i worked 3 weeks on 1 week off until early 2016 when the distance from Inverell became an issue - I continued to be involved with 2WEB as a part time sales representative for a couple of years. 2016 - STA FM - I began hosting the Saturday Cool Country Breakfast program in about March 2016 and have been involved with STA FM ever since.

How do you connect with the local community through your radio show?

I occasionally might ask a question like - where are they listening online from? What business’ have STA FM playing on their radio? I do this to gauge the coverage of the station and to find out which businesses may be prospective sponsors in the future.

Do you have a particular instance where your show made a positive impact on a listener or the community?

With my experience in radio I am always make myself available to go on air if there is the prospect of an emergency such as a local bush fire or a flood - such an instance occurred a few years ago with the fire at Gooniwigal which came close to Inverell near the Rifle Range road - STA FM received a deal of positive feedback from our coverage of that emergency in particular.

What's your favourite type of music or genre?

American country and country rock

Do you have a favourite artist or song?

Favourite singer is George Strait and favourite song Troubadour and The Eagles ‘Take it to the Limit’

What's a typical day like for you at the radio station?

I conduct most of the work in my role as Sales and Marketing Representative from home, My time at the station varies, and there is really no typical day - my jobs include: recording and producing sponsors ads, putting the 9 segments of The History of Rock and Roll together each week to presenting the on air programs with which I am involved.

What have you learned from your experience as a presenter so far?

From my experience I try to make the listeners feel they are part of the radio station - that STA FM is Their Station.

Are there any challenges you've faced that have helped you grow?

Being a sales representative can be a challenge - one day whist working for 2WEB I spent the day canvassing for sponsors in Narrabri - I called into 22 businesses without one positive response or a lead. I had similar days at Lightning Ridge and Goondiwindi and since I received no expenses they were very disappointing and disheartening days - part of the being a sales rep. Thankfully my experience here at Inverell is much much better.

Share a meaningful quote that represents your philosophy or approach to radio and community engagement

A song by John Denver sums up my views on life I guess ‘Some Days are Diamonds - Some Days are Stone’ I sometimes say if you are having more Diamond Days than Stone Days you’re going ok.

Write a brief message to your listeners, expressing your appreciation and inviting them to tune in

I always try to make my program lively and play the type of music that you will enjoy - music with some life and a beat to it that makes you feel good.

Have you collaborated with other presenters or brought special guests onto your show?

Mal Really and I have been involved with the annual Grafton to Inverell cycle race for a few years now - we anchor the whole broadcast in the studio at STA FM and put the various race commentators to air throughout the entity of the race Our day starts at 6 am and we go through non stop until around 2 to 3 pm - it’s a long day but I believe a successful one for STA FM as we have people listening online all around Australia.

Share a memorable moment or guest appearance that made an impact

Haha - I have had a few - I suppose a couple of times when Tony Windsor, the former member for New England, hung up on me twice during interviews because he didn’t like the questions I asked when he chose to side with a Labor government were memorable moments - he never got a third chance.

Outside of radio, what are your interests or hobbies?

Outside radio my interests include; Travelling, horse racing, music, reading, politics, rugby league - Newcastle Knights member.

Are there any specific topics or activities you are passionate about?

I guess I am a bit political and don’t hide that fact or my views - I have purposely tried to curb my political views whilst on air at STA FM out of respect to the station being part of the community and the fact that it must be seen to be neutral.

How does your career background influence your approach to your radio show?

Being a former auctioneer I naturally speak fast and it’s something I have always been conscious of since being involved in radio, especially when reading the local news or items such as community diary.