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Station Presenter

Barry McKelligott

I just want to play great music the listeners know. I am enjoying the job i am doing, so they enjoy and relax.


How did you start your journey in radio and why you became a presenter at STA FM?

Wanted to listen to great music

What do you enjoy most about being a presenter?

Fun you have while doing a gig

Do you have a memorable moment or experience from your time on air?

When listeners thank you for doing the job

How do you connect with the local community through your radio show?

The fun i have goes over the airwaves & they feel it

Do you have a particular instance where your show made a positive impact on a listener or the community?


What's your favourite type of music or genre?

Anything with a beat

Do you have a favourite artist or song?

Joe Crocker, Mavericks

Are there any challenges you've faced that have helped you grow?

There are no challenges, only solutions

Do you have any exciting plans or themes for your upcoming shows?

I don't have any plans, always thinking of ideas, it just comes to me.

Are you working on any special projects related to the radio station?


Share a meaningful quote that represents your philosophy or approach to radio and community engagement

Enjoy. People enjoy fun, excitment, they will listen

Write a brief message to your listeners, expressing your appreciation and inviting them to tune in

If people contact me and say they enjoy the show, i have done my job.

Outside of radio, what are your interests or hobbies?

Most sports, music, and pottering around the yard.

Are there any specific topics or activities you are passionate about?


How does your career background influence your approach to your radio show?

Have always been involved with the public, keep them happy and have a good day.