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NSW Rental Taskforce

by | Jun 19, 2024 | Real Estate, Politics | 0 comments

The 2024-25 NSW Budget will establish a NSW Rental Taskforce to help deliver the Minns Labor Government’s plan to build better communities and a fairer rental market.

The Taskforce in Fair Trading, led by the Rental Commissioner, will be given a mandate to crack down on poor quality rental homes and bad behaviour from dodgy agents and owners and cementing protections for renters as a key priority for the state’s consumer affairs regulator.

NSW Rental Commissioner Trina Jones says the Rental Taskforce is an essential part of the work towards achieving a fair, quality and affordable rental market and will conduct targeted inspections and work with Fair Trading to act on breaches.

Ms Jones says the Taskforce will be made up of specialists to support work across Fair Trading to better enforce rental laws and bolster public confidence in the state’s rental protections


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