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New Police Recruits Graduate from Goulburn

by | Jun 24, 2024 | Crime, Community | 0 comments

The first fully paid class of police recruits were sworn into the NSW Police Force on Friday and will start duties at their new home stations this week.

169 new Probationary Constables will be welcomed into the NSW Police Force following 8 months of training – 4 months in-person at the Goulburn Police Academy and four months online study.

Last year, the NSW Government made the historic announcement that recruits will be paid up to almost $31,000 to study at the Goulburn Police Academy, a major measure designed to boost police recruitment, address the critical shortage of police officers and attract a more diverse range of recruits to the NSW Police Force.

5 Probationary Constables will be assigned to the New England Police District.


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