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New Athletics Record Broken at Warialda

by | Jun 27, 2024 | Education, Sport | 0 comments

A new athletics record has been broken at the recent Warialda High School Athletics Carnival after the previous record was set 18 yrs prior.

Twelve year old student Blaine Cooney took part in the discus event, throwing an incredible 40.41m, blowing the previous record of 27.27m set by Bradley Pennington in 2006.

Blaine also set 2 swimming records earlier in the year for the 12 yrs section by swimming 100m Freestyle in a time of 1 min 20.81 sec, breaking a 19 yr old record of 1 min 26.4 sec, and the 50m Freestyle in a time of 35.09 sec, beating the previous record of 35.5 sec set 28 yrs ago.

Blaine will now go on to face competitors in the Zone Athletics Carnival.


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