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Mobile Terminating Access Service To Continue Following ACCC Inquiry

by | Jun 25, 2024 | Media Release | 0 comments

The ACCC has released its final report outlining the findings of its inquiry into whether the domestic mobile terminating access service should continue to be regulated.

Access to telecommunications services in Australia is usually unregulated unless the services are declared. In deciding whether to declare a service, the ACCC must be satisfied that declaration will promote the long-term interests of Australians.

The ACCC has decided that it will extend the declaration of the mobile terminating access service until 30 June 2029 with no variations to the service description.

The mobile terminating access service is an essential wholesale telecommunications service that allows consumers to call people that are subscribed to a different mobile network. The service requires mobile network operators to connect, or ‘terminate’, calls that are received from a different network.

“Our inquiry found that some consumers continue to rely on traditional voice services, such as phone calls via mobile phones and landlines, despite increasing adoption of alternative app-based calling services,” ACCC Commissioner Anna Brakey said.

“Given this, the regulation of the mobile terminating access service remains essential to promoting the competitive supply of traditional voice services to consumers.”


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