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Lithium-Ion Batteries Warning

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Health | 0 comments

Fire and Rescue NSW has expressed concerns about the rising rate of Lithium-Ion battery fires as crews responded to four separate incidents last week.

63 Lithium-Ion battery fires have been recorded to date in 2024, subject to review, at a rate of 5.7 blazes a week.

Fire and Rescue NSW is reinforcing its public messages to households and businesses to use extra caution around Lithium-Ion batteries and related devices.

Some of their tips include never sleep or leave home with your Lithium-battery-powered devices charging, if Lithium batteries are damaged or compromised, dispose of them properly, Don’t throw them out in the rubbish, don’t leave devices charging on beds, sofas or around highly flammable materials and always buy reputable Lithium-battery brands.


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