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Glen Innes Severn Council Adopt 2024-25 Operational Plan & Budget

by | Jul 10, 2024 | Community, Finance | 0 comments

Glen Innes Severn Council has resolved to adopt their 2024-25 Operational Plan and Budget following its recent June ordinary meeting.

A budgeted expenditure of $31 million, excluding depreciation has been approved, with total revenues projected at $36.9 million with $9.7 million allocated to capital works projects while Rates, Fees, and Charges for 2024-25 have been set, which includes a 4.8 per cent rate increase.

Mayor Rob Banham says Council will continue to deliver for the community over the next 12 months adding during this period they will continue to see significant investment in core infrastructure such as roads as well as community facilities which will further enhance the liveability of the region.

Key highlights of the 2024-25 Operational Plan include ANZAC Park Playground, Regional roads and transport, the commencement of CCTV installations over several years, urban landscaping, drainage and water network upgrades and parks and recreation upgrades.


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