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Celebrating 45 Years Of Women In Paramedicine

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Health, Media Release | 0 comments

NSW Ambulance has recognised 45 years of women in paramedic roles at an induction ceremony today welcoming 65 new paramedic interns and trainee emergency medical call takers into the service.

Forty-five women are among this class of 37 paramedic interns and 28 trainee emergency medical call takers.

The new starters join an organisation where women already make up more than 50 per cent of the workforce, after becoming the first emergency service in the state to reach gender parity in its ranks last year.

Dedicated and skilled women work across NSW Ambulance in many roles, including as paramedics, aeromedical crews, nurses, doctors, specialist rescue crews, call takers and dispatchers, and corporate and support staff.

NSW Ambulance implements a range of support programs to ensure a welcoming and inclusive workplace, including tailored training programs, mentoring initiatives, and ongoing professional development opportunities.

The paramedic interns will be posted across NSW to complete the on-road portion of their 12-month internships before taking permanent positions in metropolitan and regional areas.

The trainee emergency medical call takers will be posted to Triple Zero (000) control centres across NSW.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Health, Ryan Park:

“Today is about acknowledging the incredible contribution women make across all areas of the NSW ambulance service.”

“For the past 45 years, women in paramedic roles have contributed their skills and dedication to NSW Ambulance, and we are incredibly grateful for their service to their communities.”

“As we welcome many new paramedic interns and trainee emergency medical call takers today, I want to pay tribute to Lee Clout, who in May 1979 joined the ranks at Wagga Wagga Ambulance station starting what is a very long and proud history of women in paramedic roles in NSW.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Women, Jodie Harrison:

“Our paramedics are on the frontline of healthcare in NSW, caring for people when they are unwell and at their most vulnerable.”

“As we celebrate 45 years of women in paramedicine, it’s worth noting that NSW Ambulance was also the first NSW emergency service to reach gender parity in its ranks. It’s important that our essential services should reflect the communities they serve and NSW Ambulance should be really proud.”

“Congratulations to all the women – the trailblazers – who have helped grow NSW Ambulance into the respected, skilled and diverse organisation it is today.”

Quotes attributable to Member for Parramatta, Donna Davis:

“Diverse and inclusive workplaces are beneficial to all employees, not just women, and NSW Ambulance has proven over the past 45 years, the positive impact diversity has had on the organisation as a whole.”

Quotes attributable to NSW Ambulance Chief Executive, Dr Dominic Morgan:

“I’d like to welcome the new starters who were honoured today and thank them for their commitment to NSW Ambulance, you will be playing a vital role in keeping the people of NSW safe and healthy.”

“Women make up 50 per cent of the NSW Ambulance workforce. I hope our new paramedic interns and trainee emergency medical call takers find this inspiring and I wish them well for their future careers.”

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