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Better Pay For Sheriffs

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Community | 0 comments

Sheriffs throughout the region walked off the job last week, demanding better pay and conditions for those within the industry.

General Secretary of the Public Service Association Stewart Little says Sheriffs had been ignored for over two years adding senior leadership of the Office of the Sheriff got a significant pay rise following an agency restructure in 2022 but a review of Sheriffs’ pay last year wasn’t released under ‘cabinet in confidence’.

Mr Stewart says Sheriffs waited patiently and were told the matter would be resolved in the 2024 budget, but when it was delivered in mid-June nothing happened, and now they’ve been fobbed off again with some other made up bureaucratic process, adding Sheriffs have just had enough.

He says Sheriffs put their lives on the line in courthouses to make sure judges, lawyers and members of the public are safe from crooks and criminals, yet they are paid the same as people with desk jobs and administration roles at the courthouse, adding it’s just not on.

Sheriffs are a crucial part of law enforcement. They enforce orders issued by NSW Local, District and Supreme Courts, the High Court, the Federal Court and Family Court.


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